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Kelly Tallon Franklin,

 Advocate/Best Selling Author/Speaker/Award Winner/Survivor – Human Rights/Justice Advocate/Child Rights Activist

Courage for Freedom (Canada) -Founder/Chief Executive Director

Statement July 30th 2021

Today I reflect as a survivor on this years theme putting victims of human trafficking at the centre and highlight the importance of listening to and learning from survivors as key actors in the fight against human trafficking with a focus on the crucial role they play in establishing effective measures to prevent this crime, identify and assist victims and support them on their road to rehabilitation. Someone helped me, And yet we still see  Many victims of human trafficking have experienced ignorance or misunderstanding in their attempts to get help. They have had traumatic post-rescue experiences during identification interviews and legal proceedings. Some have faced revictimization and punishment for crimes they were forced to commit by their traffickers. Others have been subjected to stigmatization or received inadequate support.

I have seen this in this city in the province and in this country working with over 350 minor aged girls since 2013.  The stories and memories of their lives ensure that I amplify their desire and call for an end sex trafficking and violence against children; as well as the need for measures against human trafficking, and elimination of all forms of violence against and exploitation of women and girls men and boys. 

Thank you to all of our  ambassador friends and those standing across Canada who were willing to be guided by survivors and let “victims voices lead the way”.    To all allies, media and persons stand on guard for tomorrow we start work on #ProjectInterclusion, to provide awareness, prevention, and care while assuring a culturally sensitive, ethnically inclusive, and diversely aware approach in which practices ensure all languages, cultures, and communities have the tools and means to protect women and children to prevent their risk of being exposed to sex trafficking and sexual exploitation by educating our entire population and specifically men and boys that buying sex is a crime in Canada and commodifying another person to that end is unacceptable by the majority of civil society in this country.  

Our final collective sentiment – Buyer beware.

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