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Human Trafficking – The Effects Suffered By Survivors As They Navigate The Criminal Justice System

WEBINAR – OCTOBER 12TH 2021 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST


This webinar, presented by 3 courageous victims – now survivors, will provide insight into the process and outcomes of the Canadian Criminal Justice System.

In addressing the financial fraud survivors of human trafficking face post exploitation there is one single question often asked. Have criminal charges been filed? The answer is not simple. The ongoing threat and fear posed by their trafficker(s), the intense nature of the criminal justice process, and the likelihood of a meaningful conviction weigh heavily on a survivor’s decision and willingness to pursue criminal charges.

In 2019 Canadian law enforcement reported 511 incidents involving human trafficking ( a 41% increase from 2018). In 34% of these incidents charges were laid. In another 3% of these incidents police had enough information to recommend or lay charges but did not, for some unspecified reason. A further 19% remained under investigation while a further 21% were classified as having insufficient evidence to proceed.

Attendees will discover the reasons and the challenges that may be faced by one of their loved ones. Gaining an insight into the continued exploitation and victimization survivors encounter through the criminal justice system.

At the end of the presentation the question will not longer be “were criminal charges filed?” but rather “What would I advise a survivor of human trafficking?”


Kelly Tallon Franklin

Speaker / Trainer / Best Selling Author / Award Winner / Human Rights/Justice Advocate

Kelly Tallon Franklin is the founder and Chief Executive Director of Courage for Freedom, a Canadian-leading organization who exists to educate, train, and certify front-line and community service providers on proven strategies and prevention tactics to serve vulnerable victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Kelly is an international and national anti human trafficking task force chairperson with Business and Professional Women and has been acknowledged and awarded many accolades globally as a survivor advocate and activist champion of minor aged children and youth. Kelly, her teams, and their projects have created awareness movements and developed support for victim survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation that include equine therapy, trauma informed and person centric care approaches that are revered and respected. Kelly is a survivor, best-selling author, award-winning speaker, respected advocate, and trainer on the issue of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, force prostitution and equines.  

Karly Paxton

Karly is one survivor who will be sharing her lived experience. Karly is a full time a student studying community service development. She is also a mother, daughter, and survivor. Through her lived experiences she has a passion to supports others and a strong advocate for those who have been victimized. Her experiences has provided her with the unique ability to have insight on a life many cannot comprehend. Karly does not let her story define her but rather create purpose.

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