No Person Should Ever Have to Pay for the Financial Instruments Through Which They Were Bought and Sold.

Financial fraud and identity theft is a major component in a survivor’s exploitation. Project Recover, incorporated under the “Canada Not For Profit Corporation Act", provides support to survivors and advocates on their behalf with creditors. There are no fees for our support for survivors, advocates or advocacy agencies we support.

All funds raised go directly to the salary compensation of Project Recover’s Survivor Financial Peer Advocates. Project Recover works with Canadian Creditors on behalf of survivors to remove fraudulent and coercive debt in their name.

Become a Member

Membership in Project Recover is free, but is NOT a requirement for our support of survivors or advocacy agencies. Individuals requesting membership in Project Recover must meet one of the two requirements as stated in the above Membership Guidelines.



Our process is outlined in the brochure above. Please review prior to completing the intake form.


Membership in Project Recover is NOT a requirement for our support of survivors or advocacy agencies.


Project Recover only supports survivors through an advocacy agency. If you are a survivor and do not have an advocate you can contact the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking at 1-833-900-1010 or at

Human Trafficking Advocates are required to be certified in our process. Certification ensure advocates understand our process.

To be certified please book a 30 minute appointment with our Executive Director.
Project Recover deploys some of the strongest encryption technology to secure your information. In addition to Entrust S/MIME email encryption, ProofPoint encryption technology is deployed. Within this website a digital SSL certificate that authenticates its identity and enables an encrypted connection is also enabled.
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Richard Dunwoody | LinkedIn

Volunteer Financial Service Executive

Nancy Fung | LinkedIn

Volunteer Financial Service Executive

Karly Paxton

Survivor Peer Advocate

Legal Counsel to Project Recover


Project Recover is a volunteer initiative that is governed by a board of directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of Financial Service Industry Executives, Human Trafficking Advocacy Agencies and Canadian Business Leaders.

The Board of Directors set policy and procedures on the activities of Project Recover.